We care for horses, dogs and cats
... and occasionally humans!

Animal Chiropractic maintains & regains optimum mobility
We provide not just skeletal adjustment, but a variety of Osteopathic & Physiotherapy techniques too

laser acupuncture
muscle release & MET

Treatment from us starts with a case history & full examination
Customized fitness, maintenance and rehabilitation programs

Post-treatment exercise routines for you to do yourself

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Rehabilitation: recovering from injury, surgery, illness, arthritis, etc
Support: optimising health & well being in a preventative way
weight-loss & muscle toning for health or competition

Techniques used are gentle and complimentary to the skills and
methods of veterinary medicine from your vet
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Optimize Health & Performance During Competition

For an appointment, please call:
0210 483 432

Phone +64 (0) 210 483 432 or email: info@ceatnz.com

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